ECE Design Project – Vehicle Control System


The Formula Hybrid Competition has been created to promote the development of hybrid-powered vehicles that balance performance with fuel economy and environmental sustainability.  The Waterloo Hybrid Team has designed and built a prototype of a small scale hybrid-powered vehicle to compete in this competition.  The vehicle uses a manual transmission that prevents the implementation of an advanced drivetrain power control system.  A suitable drivetrain power control system does not exist in the marketplace for small scale hybrid-powered vehicles.  This project presents the prototype design of a vehicle control system that interfaces the drivetrain components to the driver controls in such a way that a computer may monitor and assist performance and fuel economy.  The system provides the driver with semi-automatic shifting control through the use of electric actuators.  Closed loop feedback is used to reliably shift from one gear to the next using paddle shifters.  The system software has been designed to support custom driving profiles.  Using these driving profiles, a fully automatic drivetrain can be achieved, if desired.  The prototype design offers a fully customizable experience for small scale automotive enthusiasts that desire full control over drivetrain components for the purpose of enhancing vehicle performance.

University of Waterloo Official Student Newspaper Article: