2014 Timeline

With the start of a new school term upon us it means that Waterloo Hybrid is in full swing to design and complete the 2014 car.  The new school term also means that there is new team members joining the young team; bringing with them there knowledge and experience.  In the table below is the timeline for building the 2014 car and so far we are on schedule.

Initial Design

April 2013 – June 2013

The team starts with the design constraints and criteria. Napkin sketches begin and major design decisions are decided upon.

Final Design

June 2013 – Sept. 2013

The rules are released and the team starts putting everything into CAD. Design reviews are held regularly to make sure the car remains within the rules.


Sept. 2013 – Jan. 2014

One Final Design review is held before emphasis is moved towards manufacturing. A new chassis and High Voltage Box are the largest projects.

Testing & Iteration

Jan. 2014 – March 2014

The engine is tuned and the car is put to its paces. Weak components are redesigned to ensure the car runs smoothly during competition.


March 2014 – April 2014

Once the car is running smoothly the suspension and drive train are tuned for the driver. This includes a new engine map and custom spring rates.

The Competition

April 28, 2014 – May 1, 2014

Waterloo Hybrid takes their pride and joy to New Hampshire and competes against 35 other Universities from around the World.