Waterloo Hybrid gets the opportunity to collaborate with ODG!

HubMotorThe 2016 Waterloo Hybrid planetary gear reduction system (integrated with our new 25KW hub motors). This is the second major collaborated design project between ODG and Waterloo Hybrid within the last 15 months.





This past week, a group of Waterloo Hybrid members had the opportunity to meet and finalize the design and manufacturing of its 2016 planetary gear reduction system with the engineers from Ontario Drive and Gear (ODG) at their head office located in New Hamburg, Ontario. The 3 Waterloo Hybrid members had the opportunity to collaborate and absorb many years of gear manufacturing and design experience from the ODG team, and this knowledge has been quickly incorporated into the design of the 2016 electric race car. Additionally, the group was able to outline the manufacturing plan and schedule with ODG, who has generously provided the Waterloo Hybrid team with complete sponsorship of the hub motor planetary gear sets which are the centerpiece of the 2016 vehicle architecture.

Waterloo Hybrid would like to thank ODG for its support of previous vehicles and the continued sponsorship that has allowed our team to be where it is today! Be sure to be on the lookout for more project updates as the 2016 vehicle begins to take shape.

-Waterloo Hybrid

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